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P&H Cetus HV

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The ultimate expedition platform, the Cetus features a shallow 'V' hull and large, rounded chines smoothly transitioning into a slender bow and stern, allowing it to track well and cover the distance comfortably, but also swing around nimbly on edge, all whilst being remarkably stable no matter what the ocean throws at you; if you've ever wondered how your favorite sea kayaking photographer gets such crisp shots whilst on the water, the answer is probably a Cetus.

The hull performance of the Cetus only improves as you load it up, with its 4 hatch configuration enabling the versatile and balanced distribution of gear; pairing this with unparalleled outfitting comfort makes the Cetus the perfect boat in which to discover and fully appreciate the unique environments sea kayaking has to offer, rounding out the day in the tranquillity of a remote camping spot, and having the range and capacity to do it all over again the day after, and for several weeks after that, depending on your ambitions.

Key Features

The load carrier of choice, the Cetus lets you travel self-supported in comfort with the four hatches it has plenty of storage for equipment.

The length and 'shallow V-hull' add up to a fast, efficient boat that won't take any time at all to reach the horizon.

The fairly wide hull means rock-solid stability whether you're traveling loaded or not.

Length 557cm
Width 57cm
Volume 379l
Deck Size Small
Performance Kevlar / Diolen 27kg
Expedition Diolen 29kg
Lightweight Kevlar / Carbon Infusion 23kg
Expedition Kevlar / Carbon Infusion 27kg
Max Paddler Weight 140kg
Features & Options
Hatches Bow, Stern, Day, Mini
Control Skeg, Rudder
Fully Customisable Visit the P&H Customizer for a full breakdown of available colors and options

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