P&H Scorpio MK2 MV

P&H Scorpio MK2 MV

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The Scorpio MK2 MV provides a very efficient hull shape that is super stable and very easy to control for lighter paddlers.

With a round chined and slightly V'd hull and generous bow rocker the Scorpio MK2 MV runs with waves like no other polyethylene kayak out there. Its design will suit both the professional sea kayak user and the individual owner looking for a stable and fast kayak for more exposed conditions with greater all round durability than the composite version.

The MK2 Scorpio’s have a re-profiled deck to give a more comfortable seating position than before and better paddler to boat connectivity. The re-design also facilitates easier storage of the Code Zero Sail when not in use and recesses to store split paddles. The rear of the cockpit rim and the volume behind has been lowered to increase roll-ability and make re-entry easier in the event of a swim.

The MK2 Scorpio is available to order with P&H's 2nd generation skeg system or P&H's revolutionary Skudder System. With all the benefits of a rudder and skeg system in one.

    • First class design
      Based on the Cetus the features of the Scorpio offer the same responsiveness and manoeuvrability without sacrificing speed or stability.

    • CoreLite construction
      Lightweight, durable and more ridged than standard PE constructions.

    • 4 hatch design
      The Scorpio MK2 has slightly angled hatch openings for easier access and the area around the hatches have been tweaked to provide better drainage.

    • Code Zero Sail Ready
      Inserts for mounting the Code-Zero Mast are located on a flattened area of the deck in front of the compass recess, and the deck-line fittings have been re-positioned to take a 4-stay sailing rig and mainsheet. Fittings for the sail control cleats have not been moulded in so that they can be placed freely on the deck according to paddler preference. (Sail Optional Extra)More Info

    • Versatile Accessory Mounting Point
      The flattened deck area for the sail mast can alternatively be used for mounting a GoPro or similar equipment if desired.

    • Skudder® System
      It’s not a skeg vs rudder world anymore.


Length: 17' 3" Width: 22.8" Internal Cockpit Length: 31.5" Internal Cockpit Width: 16.9"
Total Volume: 83.7gals Front Hatch: 15.3gals Day Hatch: 7.6gals Rear Hatch: 15.8gals                                 Mini Hatch: 1.1gals
Corelite Weight: 63.9lbs