Point 65 XO 11 GT
Point 65 XO 11 GT
Point 65 XO 11 GT

Point 65 XO 11 GT

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After the incredible success of the XO composite series, Point 65 now proudly introduces the rotomolded, polyethelene versions! Why do our customers love the XO-series? Partly for their looks.

We have yet to find a better-looking 335cm/11’ kayak. They also love the XO-series’ performance – the XO11 is probably the best-performing boat in its class on the market today. The XO11 and the XO13 are the first PE versions in the XO series.

The XO11 is available in 5 different versions. The XO11 GT (Grand Tourer) equipped with the new, innovative Symmetry skeg system, rudder, solid footbraces with twist rudder controls, and storage compartments, both front and aft for storage for added safety. This is one of the very few 11' kayaks on the market with a bulkhead in the front, a rudder and a skeg.


The cockpit includes a new, improved, padded seat with adjustable backrest, thigh braces and soft, ergonomically designed, carry grip pads on the cockpit rim, for easy carrying by hand or on your shoulder.

A great recreational kayak for day excursions, fishing, photographing, and just having fun, there is a perfect XO11 for everyone. The cockpit, designed for easy entry/exit, is large enough to suit all types of paddlers. The ergonomically designed seat provides leg support and a comfortable paddling position. Great looks, superb handling – and of course, the XO11 is light enough to load and carry on your own, so you can take it wherever you go.


335cm / 11’


63cm / 25”


22kg / 48lbs


155kg / 342lbs


329 l


83x46cm / 33”x18"

Front Hatch

24x24cm / 9,5”x9,5"

Aft Hatch

44x26cm / 17,6”x10,4"






2 years