NRS Ether Drybag
NRS Ether Drybag

NRS Ether Drybag

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NRS Ether Dry Sacks bridge the gap between heavy-duty and ultra-light dry bags, giving you a lightweight but durable solution for keeping gear and clothing dry outdoors.

  • The PU laminated ripstop nylon material is lightweight and durable, and the welded seams keep water out.
  • Designed with an envelope shape for easy stowing.
  • The water-tight fold closure must be closed properly to prevent water from getting in. Begin by folding the top strip over, and then fold (rather than roll) at least three more times before closing the buckle.
  • A D-ring on the quick-release buckle provides a handy attachment point
Size Dimensions (cm)
2L 11 Dia x 20 H
3L 13 Dia x 25 H
5L 15 Dia x 28 H
10L 19 Dia x 36 H
15L 22 Dia x 42 H
25L 25 Dia x 51 H
35L 28 Dia x 57 H

NRS Ether Dry Bag Sizing Metric