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Our passion is ethical sales and training that aligns with Transport Canada regulations that pertain to paddle craft. We achieve this through constant personal training, community involvement and coaching.


  • Are Paddle Canada Instructors
  • Promote Transport Canada regulatory adherence through education and training
  • Are involved in local paddling clubs in both a safety and leadership aspect
  • Hold various Transport Canada certifications (Relevant to coastal transportation)
  • Are constantly increasing our knowledge in areas that we lack understanding 
  • Update our skills through yearly advancement in the Paddle Canada program
  • Promote other sites that encourage the safety and proper planning in outdoor activities

We do all of this to ensure the most accurate and up to date information and instruction for you our customers and friends!

The Courses

Our courses are Sanctioned by Paddle Canada, a nationally recognized paddling association. Maintaining certification in a national program ensures all info and techniques are current and up to date. This sport is ever evolving with techniques coming from all facets of the paddling industry: K1, C1, Recreational Canoe, White Water, Sea Kayaking, Flat Water Kayaking, Swift Water Rescue, Search and Rescue and Marine Navigation all play a role in developing the techniques we teach. It is important that we, as kayak coaches, be engaged in an international community that shares tips, tricks, techniques and information. 



  • ONB's Intro to Kayaking provides new kayakers the skills to build confidence and competence. Successful completion of this one-day course includes a Paddle Canada Introduction to Kayaking skills certificate. The basis of Paddle Canada's Kayaking programs.

  • ONB's Basic Sea Kayaking provides kayakers with a slightly more in-depth and focused program geared to Sea Kayaking. Successful completion of this course includes a Paddle Canada Level 1 Sea Kayaking skills certificate. 
  • ONB's Coastal Sea Kayak is a focused look at navigating the coastal waters of the Bay of FUNdy. The program is typically held along coastal Charlotte County in New Brunswick and is run over 4 days.

  • ONB's Intro to Kayaking Instructor provides paddlers (with an existing Paddle Canada Level 1) with a program to help them move into Paddle Canada Instructor status. Successful students will become certified Paddle Canada Intro to Kayaking instructors.


  • ONB's pool clinics run fall to spring at Saint John NB's Canada Games Aquatic Center. We typically work on safety and rescue skills but can tailor each session as needed.


  • Starting in 2018 we are offering 1 hour pool sessions to work on specific skills.

The Coach

Sign up for a Paddle Canada course with our Paddling Coach:

Jeremy Cline