Bay of Fundy

Kayak Adventures (Video Blogs)

One of our favorite pastimes is exploring the Bay if Fundy and Atlantic Coast in both New Brunswick and Nova Scotia as well as helping with kayak related events in our region. We've compiled some of our fondest memories below:

Bay of Fundy

I have a bucket list goal to explore the entire NB Bay of Fundy Shoreline, catalog it and am in the process of creating a Paddling Guide for the area below are my exploits on the Bay of Fundy which lend themselves to the knowledge that will go into the paddling guide. 


Overnight Trip McMaster's Island NB 2019

This trip from 2019 helped complete my exploration around Deer Island as I work to explore and document the entire Bay of Fundy by kayak. Mac's Island is located between Deer Island and mainland NB. It provided an excellent camping site although we did not get the chance to explore the Island. The best parts of these overnight outings are definitely the company you keep. Stories and memories shared and made! 


St. Martin's to Alma NB (4 Part) 2019

This trip from 2019 allowed me to explore a very large section of New Brunswick's Bay of Fundy shoreline situated between Saint john and Moncton along the Fundy trail and the Fundy Parkway. This trip was again made special by the company that was kept. We pushed a faster pace to cover the over 60km in 2 days but the trip was magical, especially the first day in the fog.





Quaco Head Tide Race, St. Martins NB 2019

This 2019 day trip was a fun outing with local paddling friends at one of our new favorite play spots, not far from home in St. Martins NB. On the ebb tide, a very nice tide race forms allowing for some surf and play. We all came away with smiles.

Blue Hill Maine 2019

A little highlight of a great paddling friend of mine and the Coaching Coordinator of the West Isles Sea Kayak Symposium that I direct, Chris Audet on his home wave in Blue Hill Maine, another great park and play spot.

St. Martins to Duck Pond Cove NB 2019

This trip again, with a great local NB paddling buddy of mine, Shaun Gibbs, Manager of Baymount Adventures out of Hopewell Cape, had us explore another section of the Bay of Fundy in January of 2019. It was cold but a great trip and some great conversations with Shaun about the local paddling community.

Black River NB 2018

Black River was a quick solo paddle to clear my head after being off the water for some time I needed to get out and just paddle. It was giving wind this day and a colder wind chill so I opted for a sheltered area. My friends Adam Constantine and Pete Lavigne had paddled up the river previously and had me very curious about the area. I had paddled from the Black River Wharf before but always went out on the bay. The exploration up the river was well worth the price of admission.


Bay of Fundy Sea Kayak Symposium 2018

 The Bay of Fundy Sea Kayak Symposium is a venture I started back in 2016 in cooperation with CKNB. The symposium culminated in 2018 with 58 people on the water around Campobello Island NB. The symposium is a way to bring paddlers from around the world to the Western Isles Archipelago of New Brunswick. It promotes the sport, the skills and most importantly, the local area. One of my hopes is that the symposium spurs growth in the local Tourism sector on these Islands and brings people into the area to experience the magnificent paddling opportunities that await.