About Us

The company

Incorporated in 2011, OutdoorsNB has steadily expanded its paddle sports offerings to become one of Saint John NB's most comprehensive supplier of paddle sport gear.

54 Mallard Drive
Grand Bay-Westfield NB
E5K 3K7



The Background

We were three co-workers who share a common love of the outdoors. Dan Donovan founded the company when he started selling kayaks on consignment in 2010. In the spring of 2011 Darby Richards, keen to sell outdoor equipment, and Jeremy Cline, already involved in his own Paintball Retail company, decided to join forces. The company was named OutdoorsNB after Jeremy's youtube page and was incorporated in 2011. Since that time Jeremy has taken over as the majority shareholder after buying out Darby in 2018.

The Promise

We as both business owners and outdoor enthusiast adhere to an ethical standard. That standard is simple: "education and safety are paramount in our sales". We don't want to sell you a kayak and send you on your way (unless you are in a hurry 😆). We want to ensure the kayak we provide is suitable for the conditions in which you intend to use it, that's why we carry such a wide variety. We want to ensure you are both competent and confident in that kayak. That's why we are trained by professionals and are experienced in the Bay of Fundy (having a deep respect for its changing conditions). Most importantly, we want to ensure that you have the proper safety gear, that your PFD fits properly and you know how to use everything we provide you. We're not here to drop you off a boat and leave, you come to our place of business, where you can return should you ever have a problem.  

Should you require further training or want to develop your skills we also provide Paddle Canada Certified Kayak courses throughout the summer months.
"We won't be satisfied unless you are." We expect quality and durability in the products we use and we guarantee our customers will  receive nothing less from OutdoorsNB. We will not sell what we do not use. If we don't trust it, we don't sell it PERIOD.

The Leadership


Education: Civil Engineering Technology
Paddle Canada Level 1 sea Kayak Certification

Experience:  Dan loves to Kayak, Hunt and Fish, spending most of his kayaking time at Black Beach, the Saint John River, Victoria Lake and Lake Digdeguash.  Dan has worked in the outdoors most of his adult life in the surveying industry and knows his way around a chart or map.                     


Education: Mechanical Engineering Technology
Paddle Canada Level 1 Sea Kayak Certification
Paddle Canada Level 2 Sea Kayak Certification
Paddle Canada Level 3 Sea Kayak Certification
Paddle Canada Intro to Sea Kayaking Instructor Certification
Paddle Canada Level 1 Sea Kayak Instructor Certification

Paddle Canada Level 2 Sea Kayak Instructor Aspirant
Paddle Canada Intro to Sea Kayaking Instructor Trainer Aspirant
Industry Canada Global Marine Distress Safety System Restricted Operator VHF Certification
Transport Canada Marine Emergency Duties A2 Certification
Transport Canada Chart Work and Pilotage 061
Transport Canada Navigational Electronics
Red Cross Medical First Responder
Stanford University: Humanities Sciences EP101 Your Body in the World

Experience:  Jeremy grew up helping his father with their Whale watching company "Cline Marine" on Deer Island. He completed his Transport Canada  Limited Masters course. Jeremy is the Past President of Canoe Kayak NB, Past VP of kayaking for the Fundy Paddlers Club, Past Safety and Cold Water Preparedness Chairman for the Fundy Paddlers Club and is presently the NB Director for Paddle Canada and the Executive Director of the West Isles Sea Kayak Symposium.
Jeremy is very passionate about safe kayaking and has been coached by some of the finest coaches in the world, among them: Christopher Lockyer, Gordon Brown, Nick Cunliff, James Manke, Kate Hives, Erik Ogaard and Sid Sinfield.  You will find Jeremy outdoors:  Hunting, Camping, Hiking, Kayaking, Whale Watching or Snow Shoeing. He is also an avid photographer and kayaks all along the Nova Scotia and New Brunswick Coast but you'll find him most often Kayak Surfing at Bayshore Beach or Mispec Beach in Saint John.