Intro to Kayaking

Paddle Canada Intro to  Kayaking Course 

OutdoorsNB is very proud to offer the Paddle Canada Intro to 
Kayaking course in Saint John. Join Coach Jeremy Cline 
as he teaches safe and efficient kayaking for beginners. 
We want to inform and engage you, heighten your awareness 
of the environment you will paddle in and teach you how to plan 
a safe trip in warm sheltered waters. 

The participant in the Introduction to Kayaking course will engage in a guided 
exercise of judgment and decision-making prior to going out paddling. We
will discuss journeying and seamanship and the need to focus on general 
patterns, accepted rules and emphasize the need for continued training and 
additional experience.

We will also cover:

  • Boat Design
  • Boat Outfitting
  • Clothing
  • Safety Equipment
  • Paddles
  • Injury Prevention
  • Equipment Care 


Demonstrate basic knowledge of the features and attributes of equipment, including: 

  • Transport Canada equipment requirements 
  • Sea kayak, paddle and spray skirt designs 
  • Bailing devices 
  • Lifejacket and clothing 
  • Rescue Equipment 


Paddling skills - It is important to master the skills for calm water in this level before moving on to the 
open water conditions to be found in Level-2. 

  • Lift and carry - Use proper body mechanics to prevent injury while moving a kayak. 
  • Launching & landing - Demonstrate launching and landing in sheltered conditions off a beach. 
  • Forward paddling - Demonstrate efficient forward paddling, with good speed and control over 100 metres. Show good upright posture and torso rotation. 
  • Stopping - Travel at a moderate speed then stop the kayak within 2 strokes (count one side). 
  • Reverse paddling - Demonstrate controlled reverse paddling while looking back for a clear and safe route. Show good torso rotation. 
  • Sweep strokes - From a static start, turn the kayak 360 degrees. Use a combination of forward and reverse sweep strokes. Show efficient placement of the paddle and unwinding of the trunk. While moving forward at good speed, turn the kayak with a forward sweep stroke and edging. 
  • Draw stroke - From a static start, move the kayak sideways 2 metres, using the draw stroke and the sculling draw stroke. While moving forward, move the kayak sideways using a draw stroke. 
  • Low brace - The paddler will demonstrate an understanding of correct technique to prevent a capsize with a low brace. 
  • Edging - Paddle 5 meters forward with the kayak tilted on edge.

Rescue skills 

  • Retrieving a swamped kayak - Participants should be able to swim out 25m to a swamped kayak and swim it back to shore.
  • Wet Exit - Capsize, tuck forward, reach around boat, bang side of boat three times, move hands back and forth along the hull, pull spray skirt cord, easily come out of the boat and surface comfortably. The paddler must show confidence and control.
  • Assisted Rescue - In deep water, wet-exit and re-enter the kayak with assistance from another paddler. The capsize must be natural with spray deck in place. Rescue is complete when the excess water is removed from the cockpit, the swimmer is back in the boat, the spray-skirt is attached and the paddler has regained sufficient stability to paddle effectively. The participant will demonstrate as both swimmer and rescuer.
  • Rafting - Raft up in a group to form a stable platform.

Required Gear (What you need to bring)

Kayak Gear 

  • Kayak
  • PFD - Transport Canada Approved Personal Floatation Device (PFD) 
  • All equipment found in a Transport Canada boaters Safety kit.
  • Paddle - A Paddle properly fitted for "High Angle" touring. 

Clothing for Paddling 

  • Paddling Jacket (If you dont own a wetsuit or drysuit) 
  • Baseball cap or brimmed hat 
  • 2 Synthetic (Non-Cotton Blend) tee shirts 
  • Synthetic (Non- Cotton blend) Sweater 
  • Synthetic (Non-Cotton Blend) underwear or long johns 
  • Water Shoes 

Clothing for land based activities 

  • Non Cotton Toque 
  • Wind Breaker (Can be paddling jacket if available) 
  • Long Sleeve Shirt  
  • Quick Dry Pants 
  • Underwear 
  • Socks
  • Shoes or hiking boots 
  • Gear Bags for gear 

Other Items 

  • Sunglasses (Don't bring Oakleys and don't ask why ;-) 
  • Sun Screen 
  • Towel 
  • 2 Litres of water in a water bottle 
  • Thermos with warm drink 
  • First Aid Kit 
  • Notebook and Pen 

We offer many of the required paddling gear items at our shop. 


Course will be offered at Nerepis Marsh

Price.............................................................................................................$125 pp (Special Rates for SJOE, FPC and HRAA members)

Sea Kayak Rental (with paddle, PFD, Safety Kit and Skirt).......................$50

Contact us:, (506)650-4686


Your Instructor: 
Jeremy Cline, PTech: 

Jeremy holds Paddle Canada Level 3 Sea Kayak skills, Intro and Level 1 Instructor Certifications as well as Transport Canada Marine Emergency Duties A2 Certificate, Red Cross Medical First Responder Advanced Level 1 Certificate, Industry Canada Very High Frequency (VHF) GMDSS Restricted Operator Certificate, Transport Canada Chart work and Pilotage courses and has completed the Transport Canada Limited Masters Marine Commercial program.