C-Tug R with Kiwi Wheels
C-Tug R with Kiwi Wheels

C-Tug R with Kiwi Wheels

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Transport your kayak your way with the new RAILBLAZA C-Tug R, an evolutionary step for the popular and successful C-Tug Cart the C-Tug R is compatible with all kayaks the original cart suited – And now fitting a wider selection of other hull profiles like the Hobie Pro Angler, Hobie Outback and more. Building on the bestselling features of the C-Tug range, the C-Tug R features hull rails that allow you to adjust your cart to the perfect position, to reduce your pulling load and get on the water faster. The C-Tug R assembles and dismantles in seconds and stows easily in your canoe or kayak hatch and allows you to leave your gear onboard the kayak while loading on and off the cart without damage to scupper holes, or the need for an extra pair of hands.

The RAILBLAZA C-Tug R is the perfect way to transport your kayak. Compatible with a wide selection of hull profiles like the Hobie Pro Angler and Hobie Outback, it features adjustable hull rails for an easier pull - no tools required! It assembles and dismantles quickly and stows easily in your canoe or kayak hatch. And don't worry about leaving your gear on board - the C-Tug R won't damage scupper holes or require extra help getting on and off the cart. Get ready to hit the water in style!


- Width adjustable hull rails

- Fits inside most kayak hatches

- Lightweight and easy to handle

- Puncture-free, high grip, rubber tread wheels

- Non-slip rubber hull rails

- Weighs 8.8lbs

- Capacity 220lbs static loading

Parts Included:

2 x Crossbeams

2 x C-TUG Rails

2 x C-TUG Rail Bases

2 x Wheels (50-0002-71 - C-Tug Kiwi Wheels)

1 x Kickstand

1 x 1.2 m Webbing

Stainless Steel Hardware



Material Composition

UV stabilized ABS, Acetal and Nylon plastic UV stabilized Santoprene elastomer